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Dermakun Dogs (260 g) Supplement for Skin and Coat Care


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Quality Guarantee

All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.
All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.

Why is Dermakun good for your dog's skin and coat?

The nutritional supplement Dermakun® maintains the skin and coat of your dog in good health. This supplement is ideal for dogs with itching, redness, skin inflammation, or poor coat quality, as well as during shedding periods.

Dermakun for dogs with Natural Ingredients

It is the go-to supplement for reducing inflammatory skin conditions in your dog and preventing their occurrence. It can be administered to animals of any age! Dermakun for dogs is made from natural active ingredients, commonly found in food, which work synergistically together.

Properties of Dermakun for Dogs

Thanks to its healing, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant active ingredients, this dietary supplement reduces itching and promotes wound healing, facilitating the recovery of your dog's skin and coat quality.



Fish oil (sardine), flavoring by-product (hydrolyzed pork and chicken liver).

Nutritional Additives

Natural products: Curcuma longa L.: Turmeric extract - 25,000 mg/kg; Flavors: Piperine - 250 mg/kg; Vitamins: Vitamin C - 29,375 mg/kg, Calcium D-pantothenate - 3,750 mg/kg, Vitamin E - 50,000 IU/kg, Biotin - 250 mg/kg, Nicotinamide - 18,750 mg/kg; Trace elements: Zinc (zinc glycine chelate) - 2,500 mg/kg.

Analytical Components

Crude protein 9.20%; Crude fiber 0.00%; Crude fat 45.79%; Crude ash 16.42%; Omega 3 fatty acids 12.86%; Omega 6 fatty acids 2.68%

How do its active ingredients work?

Vitamin B3

It is essential in the formation of the coenzyme NADP⁺ and is involved in biosynthetic reactions, such as the synthesis of fatty acids, thus playing a key role in the synthesis of epidermal lipids.

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Vitamin B5

It is present throughout the body in the form of coenzyme A. Coenzyme A plays a fundamental role in the formation of a series of essential fatty acids and sterols. As such, it is important in the formation of the lipids that make up the lamellar components of the skin barrier.

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It acts as a cofactor for carboxylase synthetase enzymes. This group of enzymes catalyzes the biosynthesis of fatty acids, making this vitamin crucial for maintaining the health of the dermal barrier.

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Vitamin E

Inflammation generates a large amount of free radicals, which in turn accelerate the inflammatory process. Vitamin E is one of the most effective antioxidants for protecting polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are constituents of cell membranes, from oxidation. It prevents lipid oxidation by scavenging peroxyl radicals before they can react with fatty acids or proteins in adjacent cell membranes.

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Vitamin C

Excess histamine worsens inflammatory conditions of the dermis and respiratory tract. Most histamine is stored in tissue mast cells and blood basophils. Upon release from these cells or de novo synthesis, histamine triggers inflammation. Vitamin C spontaneously degrades histamine, as tissue histamine levels are inversely related to the status of vitamin C.

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Numerous studies have linked zinc deficiency to many dermatoses in dogs and cats because it is essential for wound healing and epithelial cell turnover. Additionally, zinc deficiency accelerates the development of clinical signs due to a lack of essential fatty acids, as zinc deficiency reduces the activity of the ∆-6-desaturase enzyme. This enzyme is responsible for synthesizing EPA and DHA from other simpler fatty acids.

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Omega-3 fatty acids

They modulate the production of eicosanoids, with eicosanoids resulting from the metabolism of omega-3 fatty acids being less stimulating to the inflammatory response than those resulting from omega-6 fatty acids. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids are precursors to resolvins and protectins, which are substances that counter-regulate inflammation, serving as agonists of endogenous anti-inflammatory mechanisms and significantly contributing to inflammation resolution.

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Its anti-inflammatory effect is mediated by the inhibition of enzymes involved in inflammatory processes such as COX-2, LOX, and iNOS, the production of cytokines such as interferon gamma and tumor necrosis factor, and the activation of transcription factors such as NF-κB and AP-1. Additionally, curcumin acts at multiple points, helping to improve skin healing. Treatment with curcumin leads to faster re-epithelialization of the epidermis, increased migration of myofibroblasts, fibroblasts, and macrophages to the wound bed, extensive neovascularization, and increased collagen deposition.

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It increases the bioavailability of curcumin (by about 20 times) due to its inhibition of hepatic glucuronidation and intestinal metabolism of curcumin.

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To whom and for what purpose?

  • In cases of atopic dermatitis accompanied by itching and scaling, Dermakun allows reducing the use of medications such as corticosteroids, antihistamines, and immunomodulators or even dispensing with them.
  • In animals with itching, redness, and skin inflammation, Dermakun reduces discomfort and skin irritation, alleviating your pet's symptoms and promoting its recovery.
  • Dermakun promotes the recovery of skin health and coat quality in cases of nutrient deficiency characterized by poor-quality coat, widespread scaling, crust formation in friction areas, hair loss and lack of hair growth, and poor wound healing.
  • In situations at risk of zinc deficiency, such as in Nordic breed dogs, Dermakun prevents the onset of possible skin and coat conditions.
  • During shedding, this supplement improves coat quality and reduces excessive hair loss, making shedding quick and more manageable for the whole family.


DERMAKUN is not recommended for use in:

  • Patients with altered coagulation, concurrent administration with platelet aggregation inhibitors, or conditions associated with bleeding.
  • Situations with iron deficiency or other conditions associated with iron.
  • Food allergy to fish or during periods of exclusion diet treatment.

How is it administered?

Daily recommendation to be added on top of the food. This dose can be divided into different servings throughout the day:

Weight Tablespoons* Duration of the container
<10 kg 0.5 2 months
10-20 kg 1.0 1 month
20-30 kg 1.5 20 days
>30 kg 2.0 15 days

*8.3 g per tablespoon.
The spoon is included in the package.

Dermakun for dogs can be administered with any type of diet (dry food, homemade or commercial cooked food, BARF, or dehydrated). Additionally, it can be given chronically without the need for any resting period between containers.

How long should it be administered?

  • In cases of atopic dermatitis with itching and scaling: Administration is recommended for at least 15 days and maintained as long as symptoms persist.
  • In situations of atopic dermatitis with controlled symptoms: Reduce the recommended daily dose by half for maintenance.
  • For seasonal atopic skin inflammation problems: Start administration 15 days before exposure to allergens.
  • In the event of nutrient deficiency: Administration is recommended for 1 month to resolve symptoms. Then, reduce the dose by half for maintenance to prevent possible relapses.
  • During shedding: Administration is recommended for at least 15 days and maintained as long as shedding persists.

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Buena composición, mejorable presentación

Gran composición, pero complicada de suministrar, pues son polvos a esparcir en el pienso, y que además de generar un fuerte olor, también mancha bastante. Si se dieran en comprimidos masticables sería ideal!


Hola, llevo poco tiempo como para decir, si le va bien

Viviana Carmona
Aún no sé cómo va, solo sé que a mí perra le gusta mucho

Como dice el título de la reseña, he puesto un 3 porque aún no sé cómo le va a nuestra perra para los problemas de piel. Eso sí, damos fe de que le gusta mucho el producto. Solo hemos podido darle una semana antes de que, en un descuido nuestro, alcanzará el tarro y se lo zampara entero.

Pilar Diaz Fernández

Dermakun Perros (260 g) Suplemento para cuidar la Piel y Pelo

Ana Felix Valles
Todavía no lo he probado

Seguro que más adelante.

Dermakun Dogs (260 g) Supplement for Skin and Coat Care
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