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Elderkun Dogs (230 g) Cognitive Health Supplement


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Quality Guarantee

All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.
All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.

Who is Elderkun for?

The nutritional supplement Elderkun® for dogs prevents brain aging in senior dogs. This supplement is ideal for dogs over 5 or 7 years old, whether they are showing changes in behavior or activity level or not.

How does Elderkun help my furry friend?

It is the go-to supplement for maintaining your dog's neuronal health and preventing brain degeneration so that, no matter how old they get, they remain the same as always! Elderkun for dogs is made from natural active ingredients commonly found in food, which work synergistically together.

Is Elderkun the best choice?

Thanks to its active ingredients, this dietary supplement protects the central nervous system, improving your dog's neuronal health and function.



Fish oil (from sardines), dried carrot (from organic farming), flavoring by-product (hydrolyzed pork and chicken liver), alpha-lipoic acid (0.2%).

Nutritional Additives

Emulsifiers: Lecithins - 6,670 mg/kg; Vitamins: Vitamin C - 2,220 mg/kg, Vitamin E - 8,890 IU/kg, L-carnitine - 11,110 mg/kg; Trace elements: Selenium (sodium selenite) - 7.8 mg/kg.

Analytical Components

Crude protein: 10.18%; Crude fiber: 1.86%; Crude fat: 41.32%; Crude ash: 17.58%; Omega-3 fatty acids: 12.38%; Omega-6 fatty acids: 2.58%

How do its active ingredients work?

The link you provided directs to an article titled "5 Benefits of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Dogs." Would you like a summary of the content or any specific information from the article?

They promote the health of cell membranes, as docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is required to maintain normal brain cell function, and decrease amyloid protein levels and plaque formation. Additionally, omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties by modulating eicosanoid production. The eicosanoids resulting from the metabolism of omega-3 fatty acids are less stimulatory to the inflammatory response than those resulting from omega-6 fatty acids. Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids are precursors to resolvins and protectins, substances that counter-regulate inflammation and serve as agonists of endogenous anti-inflammatory mechanisms, significantly contributing to inflammation resolution.

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It is the main building block of cell membranes and aims to facilitate neuronal signal transduction and improve cholinergic transmission. Phosphatidylserine has been shown to positively affect neurotransmitter release and neurotransmitter receptor density in various regions of the brain in animals with memory problems, thereby providing protection against neuronal death (neuroprotection).

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Alpha-lipoic acid

It participates in redox reactions and increases intracellular concentrations of glutathione, a primary water-soluble antioxidant within cells, essential for aerobic metabolism.

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It is the carrier of fatty acids from the cytosol into the mitochondria of cells, being responsible for the rate-limiting step of lipid oxidation. Increasing cellular levels of carnitine improves the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria and, consequently, fat metabolism.

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Vitamin E

It is one of the most effective antioxidants for protecting polyunsaturated fatty acids, which constitute cellular membranes, from oxidation. Vitamin E prevents lipid oxidation by scavenging peroxyl radicals before they can react with fatty acids or proteins in adjacent cellular membranes.

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Vitamin C

It is the most potent reducing agent available to cells. Vitamin C regenerates the enzyme glutathione and neutralizes free radicals both intracellularly and extracellularly.

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It acts as a cofactor for glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant enzyme that protects tissues against oxidative stress by catalyzing the reduction of hydrogen peroxides and organic hydroperoxides and regenerating vitamin E.

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They have antioxidant and immunostimulant properties.

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To whom and for what purpose?

  • Elderkun reverses and slows down the progression of symptoms in dogs with age-related behavioral changes (cognitive dysfunction syndrome) such as disorientation, altered interactions with people or other animals, disruptions in the sleep-wake cycle, house soiling, changes in activity level, etc., improving their quality of life and your relationship.
  • This supplement is also ideal for preventing the onset of any behavioral alteration and neurological symptom associated with aging, ensuring that no matter how old your dog gets, they remain the same! Since neurodegeneration is a progressive process, the earlier the alterations are corrected, the more effective the treatment will be. Dogs are often considered seniors when they reach half of their life expectancy. Therefore, Elderkun administration should be considered around five years for large or giant breeds and around seven years for small dogs, as a preventive measure.


ELDERKUN is not recommended for use in cases of:

  • Patients with altered coagulation, concomitant administration with platelet aggregation inhibitors, or conditions associated with bleeding.


How is it administered?

Daily recommendation to be added on top of the food. This dose can be divided into multiple servings throughout the day.

Weight Tablespoons* Duration of the container
<10 kg 0.5 2 months
10-20 kg 1.0 1 month
20-30 kg 1.5 20 days
>30 kg 2.0 15 days

*7.5 g per tablespoon. The spoon is included in the package.

Elderkun for dogs can be administered along with any type of diet (dry food, homemade or commercial cooked food, BARF, or dehydrated food). Additionally, it can be administered chronically without the need for any rest period between containers.

How long should I administer it?

  • In the case of dogs with age-related behavioral changes such as disorientation, sleep disturbances, changes in activity level, etc.: Administration for at least 3 months is recommended. However, once symptoms start, chronic administration of the product is recommended.
  • For the prevention of any behavioral alteration and neurological symptom associated with aging: Administer half of the recommended dose as preventive treatment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Roberto Vidal Puente

Elderkun Perros (230 g) Suplemento para su salud Cognitiva

Raquel Sainz
No noto nada

Aun no noto nada, mi perra tiene 12 años pero no le vemos signos de demencia, es más por prevenir

Xiomara Peralta

Mi perrita ha estado sufriendo de convulsiones, le di a probar este producto y le ha funcionado muy bien, sus convulsiones casi han desaparecido! Por eso he ido por más! ♥️

Buen suplemento

Mi pastor alemán de 13 años, se nota más animado y se lo come bien mezclado con el rancho.

Concepcion Ample Blat
Elderkun y Raji

Nuestra querida Raji es mayor y se pasaba mucho tiempo durmiendo y un poco aislada de nosotros. Con Elderkun la noto mas comunicativa, mas activa y despierta. Creo que es un muy buen suplemento para estar mas ineractiva y alegre con nosotros.

Elderkun Dogs (230 g) Cognitive Health Supplement
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