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Homemadekun Dogs (260 g) Dietary Supplement Vitamins and Minerals


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Quality Guarantee

All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.
All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.

What does your dog achieve with Homemadekun?

The nutritional supplement Homemadekun provides vitamins and minerals to enrich your dog's diet. This supplement is ideal for dogs of any age that eat a homemade cooked or BARF diet, as well as to supplement lactating females, pregnant females, or convalescent animals. It is the go-to supplement to complete and balance your homemade diet!

What active ingredients does Homemadekun have?

Thanks to its active ingredients, this dietary supplement covers the needs for vitamins, macrominerals, and microminerals of your dog, eliminating the need to provide any other calcium supplement, thus promoting health and vitality.



Dicalcium phosphate, brewer's yeast, flavoring by-product (hydrolyzed pork and chicken liver), sodium chloride, magnesium oxide.

Nutritional Additives

Preservatives: Potassium citrates - 67,500 mg/kg; Vitamins: Vitamin A - 118,563 IU/kg, Vitamin B1 - 69 mg/kg, Vitamin B2 - 106 mg/kg, Vitamin B6 - 31 mg/kg, Vitamin B12 - 1 mg/kg, Vitamin C - 1,250 mg/kg, Vitamin D3 - 18,750 IU/kg, Calcium D-pantothenate - 205 mg/kg, Vitamin E - 6,250 IU/kg, Biotin - 4 mg/kg, Choline chloride - 28,750 mg/kg, Folic acid - 14 mg/kg, Niacinamide - 313 mg/kg; Trace elements: Iron (iron glycine chelate) - 875 mg/kg, Iodine (calcium iodate) - 29.8 mg/kg, Copper (copper glycine chelate) - 104 mg/kg, Manganese (manganese sulfate) - 84 mg/kg, Zinc (zinc glycine chelate) - 1,875 mg/kg, Selenium (sodium selenite) - 4.4 mg/kg.

Analytical Components

Calcium 8.10%; Sodium 1.38%; Potassium 6.75%; Phosphorus 5.40%; Crude protein 16.50%; Crude fiber 1.44%; Crude fat 2.76%; Crude ash 43.29%

How do its active ingredients work?

Vitamia A

It is necessary for proper vision, particularly adaptation to darkness. It also plays a role in the synthesis of reproductive hormones and proteins, as well as in the regulation of the growth of skin cells and the production of sebum.

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Vitamin D3

It plays a fundamental role in regulating calcium and phosphorus metabolism, increasing the intestinal absorption of both minerals, optimizing the incorporation of calcium into the bone, and reducing the loss of calcium and phosphorus through urine.

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Vitamin E

It helps protect cell membranes from damage caused by free radicals and strengthens the immune system.

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Vitamin C

It is the most potent reducing agent available to cells. Vitamin C regenerates the glutathione enzyme and neutralizes free radicals both intracellularly and extracellularly.

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Vitamin B1

It is involved in many complex biochemical reactions that help generate energy for the cell. It is essential for the proper functioning of the nervous system, where it assists in the transmission of nerve impulses.

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Vitamin B2

It contributes to the health of the skin and hair. Its deficiency can cause changes in the skin around the eyes and abdomen.

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Vitamin B3

It helps protect the skin by promoting the synthesis of lipids in the dermal barrier, particularly ceramides, which help limit skin dehydration.

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Vitamin B5

As a component of coenzyme A, it participates in almost all metabolic processes. In synergy with other B-group vitamins (B3 and choline), it helps protect the skin by promoting the synthesis of lipids in the dermal barrier.

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Vitamin B6

As a coenzyme, it plays multiple roles in different metabolic pathways, especially those involving amino acids.

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It is one of the most important vitamins for a shiny coat and healthy skin, as well as being directly involved in the proper functioning of the nervous system.

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Vitamin B9

Participates in the development of nervous system tissues.

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Vitamin B12

It is a coenzyme in many essential biochemical reactions and also plays a key role in protein synthesis and red blood cell production.

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It also plays a key role in protecting the skin from dehydration and is essential for proper liver function.

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More than 90% of the calcium in the body is retained in the bones and teeth where, along with phosphorus, it is responsible for making these structures rigid. Calcium also plays a role in transferring information between cells and in the transmission of nerve impulses.

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A large proportion (over 80%) of phosphorus found in the body is retained in the bones and teeth where, along with calcium, it is responsible for making these structures rigid. It is a component of cell membranes and is required for energy production. Phosphorus is also a structural component of DNA and RNA, the molecules that carry the genetic code of cells.

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It is essential for the proper functioning of cells, and along with sodium, this mineral is responsible for maintaining the acid-base balance. Potassium is also involved in the transmission of nerve impulses and plays a significant role in energy metabolism.

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Along with potassium, it maintains the acid-base balance and is also responsible for maintaining pressure between the inside and outside of cells. It also plays a significant role in cellular energy metabolism and participates in the generation and transmission of nerve impulses. Sodium is also important for regulating fluid balance, thirst sensation, and urinary concentration.

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It is important for maintaining the concentration of extracellular fluid and plays a significant role in acid-base balance.

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Magnesium plays a crucial role in energy metabolism, DNA and RNA metabolism, protein synthesis, and the function of the cell membrane in nerve and muscle cells. Additionally, magnesium, like calcium and phosphorus, is an important component of bones and teeth.

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It is an essential component of thyroid hormones that are important for growth, development, and regulation of metabolic rate.

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Selenium plays a vital role in reducing cellular damage caused by free radicals. Selenium also supports the immune response.

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It is a vital component of hemoglobin, the molecule that transports oxygen throughout the body in red blood cells, and of myoglobin, which performs the same function in muscles. Iron also has many enzymatic functions, especially concerning cellular respiration.

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It is the cofactor for about 200 zinc-containing enzymes involved in cell replication, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, and membrane structure. It is essential for transporting vitamin A in the blood and plays a significant role in reproduction. It is also crucial for collagen and keratin synthesis and, therefore, is a fundamental element involved in skin health, coat, and wound healing.

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It plays an active role in the proper functioning of mitochondria and is important for the formation of bone and joint cartilage and neurological function. Manganese also plays a structural role in many enzymes.

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It facilitates the intestinal absorption of iron and its incorporation into hemoglobin. It is an active element in many enzymes. Copper plays an important role in reducing cellular damage caused by free radicals. It also participates in collagen synthesis in tendons and myelin within the nervous system. Copper is also involved in the synthesis of melanin, which is a pigment of the hair.

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To whom and for what purpose?

  • When we prepare homemade recipes, we cannot control the raw materials nor follow a completely complete diet, considering that a dog needs about 37 nutrients for its proper health. It's possible that certain vitamins, some minerals, and essential fatty acids need to be added to homemade diets to complete the nutritional balance in the long term, ensure that no nutritional deficit occurs, and thus maintain our dog in good health.
  • Additionally, Homemadekun supports health and aids recovery in cases of nutritional deficits or increased needs (lactating or pregnant females, growing animals, malnutrition, certain diseases, etc.).  


The use of HOMEMADEKUN is not recommended in case of:

  • Patients with renal or hepatic insufficiency. In these cases, it is recommended to seek a veterinarian's opinion before using the product.

How is it administered?

Daily recommendation to be continuously mixed with homemade food (cooked, BARF, etc.). To preserve its active principles and avoid their degradation, it is very important not to heat or freeze the product. Always mix it just before offering the food to your dog. This dose can be distributed in different takes throughout the day:

Weight Tablespoons* Duration of the package
<10 kg 1 1 month
10-20 kg 1.5 15 days
20-30 kg 2,5 10 days
>30 kg 3 8 days

*10.9 g per tablespoon. 
The spoon is included in the package.

Homemadekun for dogs can be administered chronically without the need for any rest period between containers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
León Paredes
El primer contacto con el producto

Le combino a mi perro mayor de 12 años esta suplementación para la comida cocinada que le preparo. En principio el perro la acepta y se la come sin problemas; lo que hay que entrar a valorar es si a largo plazo obtiene beneficios de esta suplementación y si es efectiva. Iré actualizando la reseña si hay mejoras o no, ya que es muy pronto para dar una reseña completa.

Laura Gonzalo
Muy bueno, pero no se lo come

Después de trillarme internet buscando el suplemento más adecuado, decidir que el de Kun Kay es óptimo y comprar dos botes, resulta que al señor Marqués de Villaguau no le gusta el sabor y cuando se lo echo a la comida me dice que me lo coma yo. 100% recomendable para perros que no tengan el paladar de la más ilustre realeza europea. Estoy por tomarme yo las condenadas vitaminas.

Nora Bengoetxea

Homemadekun Perros (260 g) Suplemento Alimenticio Vitaminas y Minerales

Ángeles Castro Blanco
De momento bien

Entiendo que por la composición es un producto muy completo. Como he empezado con dieta barf recientemente, hasta que no le haga a mi perro una analítica, no sabré si le va bien o no. Debo decir también que a Nero no le sienta mal, es decir, no vomita ni le produce diarreas ni estreñimiento.
Por lo demás, el producto llegó rápido y la atención excelente.

Estefanía Fernández Otero


Homemadekun Dogs (260 g) Dietary Supplement Vitamins and Minerals
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