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Enterokun Severe (dogs and cats - 85 g) Supplement for Severe Diarrhea


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Quality Guarantee

All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.
All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.

What types of diarrhea can it solve?

The nutritional supplement Enterokun Severe® promotes the recovery of severe diarrhea in your dog and cat. This is the ideal supplement for dogs and cats with severe diarrhea, characterized by very liquid and abundant stools.

Is Enterokun Severe a gut reconstituent?

It's your go-to supplement to reduce symptoms and promote recovery for your furry friend when facing severe diarrhea. It can be administered in drinking water or with soft diets! Thanks to its active ingredients, this dietary supplement counteracts electrolyte imbalance, promotes rehydration, and balances the intestinal microbiota, facilitating the rapid recovery of your pet's intestinal issues.



Dextrose, fructooligosaccharides, yeast products, sodium chloride, potassium chloride.

Nutritional Additives

Preservatives: Sodium citrates - 57,950 mg/kg; Trace elements: Zinc (zinc glycinate chelate) - 1,250 mg/kg; Flavors: L-glutamic acid - 250,000 mg/kg; Intestinal flora stabilizers: Enterococcus faecium - 6.5 × 10^10 CFU/kg.

Analytical Components

Sodium 4.30%; Potassium 1.55%; Crude protein 27.89%; Crude fiber 0.02%; Crude fat 0.01%; Crude ash 13.40%; Total sugars 37.00%.

How do its active ingredients work?

Potassium chloride

It replenishes fecal losses of potassium and chloride and promotes water absorption. Severe hypokalemia can cause significant problems in cardiac function.

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Sodium chloride

It replenishes fecal losses of Na and Cl and promotes water absorption.

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It promotes the intestinal absorption of water and sodium, thanks to the facilitated sodium/glucose cotransport in the mucosa of the small intestine. Glucose is actively absorbed in the intestine, and along with it, sodium and water are dragged. In diarrheal conditions, the absorption of sodium becomes unstable, while the glucose absorption system remains intact.

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Trisodium citrate

Being a buffer salt, it helps combat metabolic acidosis caused by the loss of fluids from the caudal small intestine and large intestine, which contain a higher concentration of bicarbonate than plasma. Trisodium citrate is converted into bicarbonate in the liver in a 1:3 ratio. Thus, through the citric acid cycle, one molecule of citrate consumes 3 protons and yields 3 molecules of bicarbonate.

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It maintains the function and integrity of the intestinal barrier at the level of tight junctions, thus preventing the entry of antigens, toxins, and pathogenic bacteria that cause inflammation.

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Enterococcus faecium

It improves the balance of the intestinal microbiota. Competition for nutrients, adhesion sites, and the production of antimicrobial substances (short-chain fatty acids, defensins, etc.) inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria while promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria.

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Prebiotic component, indicating that it resists digestion and reaches the colon intact, where it serves as a source of energy for beneficial bacteria (Lactobacillus spp, Bacteroides spp, and Bifidobacterium spp), thereby stimulating their growth and/or activity. As a result of its fermentation, it reduces the production of toxic substances (ammonia and biogenic amines) and increases the release of short-chain fatty acids (acetate, propionate, lactate, and butyrate) in the intestinal lumen, reducing the presence of pathogenic bacteria (E. coli and C. perfringens), thanks to the reduction in colonic pH.

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They capture and eliminate pathogens from the gastrointestinal tract by acting as analogs of receptors for type 1 fimbriae, present in Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria (such as E. coli and Salmonella). They also stimulate the immune system by increasing the secretion of IgA, thereby enhancing local resistance to antigen invasion.

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L-glutamic acid

Precursor of glutamine, considered a conditionally essential amino acid, necessary during enteric recovery. As the preferred energy substrate for rapidly proliferating cells, glutamine is required to maintain the integrity of the intestinal mucosa and associated lymphoid tissue, thereby preventing intestinal atrophy and bacterial translocation.

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To whom and for what purpose?

  • In cases of severe diarrhea (of bacterial, viral, parasitic, or dietary origin), Enterokun Severe reduces symptoms and promotes rapid recovery of the animal.


It is not recommended to use ENTEROKUN SEVERE in the following cases:

  • Patients with altered coagulation, concurrent administration with drugs inhibiting platelet aggregation, or conditions associated with hemorrhage (hemorrhagic diarrhea).
  • Situations with altered liver function.
  • Situations with altered kidney function.


At Kunkay, we always recommend consulting a veterinarian before using or extending the use of the product ENTEROKUN SEVERE.

How is it administered?

Daily recommendation to be added on top of food or dissolved in drinking water. Distribute the daily dose in small portions throughout the day.

Administration is recommended as long as symptoms persist and up to 2 days after they disappear. Do not administer for more than 2 weeks.

Weight Tablespoons* Glass of water** Duration of the package
<10 kg 0.5 0.5 10 days
10-20 kg 1.0 1.5 5 days
20-30 kg 1.5 2.0 3 days
>30 kg 2.0 2.5 2 days

*16.5 g per tablespoon; **250 ml per glass.
The spoon is included in the package.

Ensure fresh water is available at all times.

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Rakhi Ramchandani
Todavia no veo resultados hasta analiticas



Muy buen producto.
Lo recomiendo al 100%

Juan Antonio Torralbo Coronado

Buen comercio, servicio rápido u y envío bien protegido.

No esperes Más

El mejor producto para problemas fecales y hecho con ingredientes naturales

Andreu Porta
Recomanat 100%

El meu gos ara va de ventre molt millor i sense patir moltes gràcies

Enterokun Severe (dogs and cats - 85 g) Supplement for Severe Diarrhea
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