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Sportkun Finish (dogs - 5 units of 70 g) Post-exercise supplement


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Quality Guarantee

All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.
All our products are developed by veterinarians and specialists in animal nutrition.

What does your furry friend get with Sportkun Finish?

The nutritional supplement Sportkun Finish ensures the proper recovery after your dog's physical exercise. This supplement is ideal for athletic dogs engaged in intermediate or endurance exercises such as canicross, bikejoring, agility, or mushing, as well as for working dogs. It is the go-to supplement to promote your dog's muscle recovery after exercise and to improve sports performance during the start of the season and competitions!

Why choose Sportkun Finish?

Thanks to its active ingredients, it promotes optimal muscle recovery and counteracts the metabolic alterations produced during physical exercise, making your dog always ready to give their best with you!



Dextrose, powdered egg, and flavoring by-product (hydrolyzed pork and chicken liver).

Nutritional Additives

Vitamins: Vitamin B6 - 120 mg/kg, Vitamin B12 - 0.2 mg/kg, Vitamin C - 800 mg/kg, Calcium D-pantothenate - 300 mg/kg, Vitamin E - 6,500 IU/kg, Niacinamide - 340 mg/kg; Trace Elements: Selenium (sodium selenite) - 1.4 mg/kg.

Analytical Components

Crude protein 17.45%; Crude fiber 2.87%; Crude fat 14.35%; Crude ash 3.52%

How do its active ingredients work?

Branched-chain amino acids

Physical activity increases the protein requirements of the animal due to an increase in the synthesis of structural and functional proteins, as well as an increase in tissue catabolism. Branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine) are "essential" and therefore must be replaced through food. Supplementation with branched-chain amino acids decreases exercise-induced protein breakdown and the release of muscle enzymes (indicators of muscle damage). Thus, supplementation with branched-chain amino acids during intense training helps increase lean muscle mass.

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The administration of glucose after physical exercise promotes the replenishment of muscle glycogen.

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Vitamin E

The production of free radicals is positively related to the oxygen consumption associated with exercise. Vitamin E is one of the most effective antioxidants for protecting polyunsaturated fatty acids, which constitute cell membranes, from oxidation. Vitamin E prevents the oxidation of lipids by scavenging peroxyl radicals before they can react with acids or proteins in adjacent cell membranes.

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Vitamin C

It is the most potent reducing agent available for cells. Vitamin C regenerates the enzyme glutathione, neutralizes free radicals both intracellularly and extracellularly, and protects against protein inactivation mediated by free radicals. On the other hand, vitamin C requirements increase during exercise due to its role with L-Carnitine.

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It acts as a cofactor for glutathione peroxidase, an antioxidant enzyme that protects tissues against oxidative stress by catalyzing the reduction of hydrogen peroxides and organic hydroperoxides, and by regenerating vitamin E.

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Vitamin B3, B5, B6 and B12

High levels of physical activity increase the requirements for all B-group vitamins. Many of them act as cofactors in key enzymes of energy-generating pathways, as well as in the process of synthesis and tissue repair caused by exercise. Additionally, physical work accelerates the excretion of water-soluble vitamins, such as B-group vitamins, due to the increased turnover of total body water.

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To whom and for what purpose?

  • In sporty animals engaging in intermediate exercise (physical activity lasting variable durations from a few minutes to a few hours) such as agility, companion exercise (running, trekking, cycling), canicross, dog dancing, disc dog, dock jumping, bikejoring, skijoring, etc., or in dogs participating in endurance exercise (physical activity lasting several hours) such as mushing, Sportkun Finish promotes optimal muscle recovery, enhancing physical performance during training with your dog.
  • Sportkun Finish provides the same benefits in working animals such as police and military units (customs control, drug detection), guard dogs, hunting dogs, tracking dogs, rescue dogs, service dogs (guide dogs and assistance dogs), and herding dogs.


It is not recommended to use SPORTKUN FINISH in case of:

  • Animals with hyperglycemia.

How is it administered?

Recommended amount to be mixed with drinking water:

Dosage Glasses of water* Duration of the container
1 sachet 1 1 sachet = 1 serving = 1 training session or competition
5-sachet pack = 5 servings = 5 training sessions or competitions

*250 ml per glass

Administration immediately after finishing the physical exercise is recommended. Additionally, mixing it with drinking water promotes the hydration of the animal!

For animals weighing less than 10 kg, it is recommended to halve the dosage (1/2 sachet in 1/2 glass of water).

Customer Reviews

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El mejor producto

El mejor producto para la recuperación muscular después de un ejercicio intenso como agility

Salvador Cruz

Todo bien

Rosa González

Pronto para opinar

Andrea Martin
Muy contenta con el suplemento

A mi perrita le encanta y además está muy bien de precio

Sportkun Finish (dogs - 5 units of 70 g) Post-exercise supplement
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