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How do I know if my dog has joint problems?


Pets, especially dogs, are considered important members of our family, and their happiness is a priority. As a responsible owner, it is essential to be aware of potential health problems that may affect your pet. Joints, which are essential for mobility, are not exempt.

Joint problems are common in large breed dogs, especially in senior and overweight dogs. Here is some crucial information to help you identify if your dog has joint problems. Observing the symptoms is essential for accurate diagnosis and proper care.

- Changes in behaviour and physical activity: Observe any changes in your dog's behaviour - has he stopped doing anything, is he uncomfortable moving, jumping or running? A sign of joint discomfort may be a decrease in activity and play.

- Raised cushioning or lameness: Does he feel tired or uncomfortable when getting up after resting? Prolonged lameness, especially after long periods of inactivity, can be a telltale sign of joint problems in dogs.

- Swelling and tenderness: Feel your dog's joints. If you notice swelling, warmth or tender ness in the joints, inflammation may be present. You should pay particular attention to the hips, knees and elbows.

- Changes on the diet: Your dog's appetite may be affected by pain and discomfort. If you notice significant changes in his eating habits, he may have joint problems.

- Stiffness and difficulty getting up: A common symptom of joint problems in dogs is stiffness when getting up after a rest. See if your pet has trouble getting up, especially in the morning.

- Clicking or crunching sounds when moving: Watch for any unusual sounds while moving. Clicking, crunching or abnormal sounds may indicate joint problems, such as arthritis. Osteoarthritis affects many older dogs, requiring specific attention and care.

- Regular check-ups and veterinary consultations: For any concerns, regularly check your dog's health and consult your veterinarian. Regular veterinary examinations are crucial to detect and treat joint problems early.

Perro en el bosque

From Kunkay we recommend two excellent food supplements to reduce and prevent joint problems in your dog. Arthrokun, with chondroprotective, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant active ingredients, reduces cartilage degeneration and inflammation, improving mobility and relieving pain. Superorangekun also helps to reduce your dog' s inflammation and pain, keeping him more active and promoting his overall health. The products are perfect for dogs of all ages, but are especially useful for large breed, older or very active dogs.

Remember that early detection and proper care can improve your pet's quality of life. Consult your veterinarian for specific information about your faithful companion's joint health.

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